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Confidentiality Agreement

The Workforce team is committed to protecting to the fullest extent possible our website users’ right to privacy and the right of personal portrayal. We intend to offer our website users a safe online experience, without any negative impact on their privacy. For this purpose, we are using our best efforts to ensure that the information uploaded by you to our database is used exclusively for the purposes contemplated by you.

Scope of personal data security and ‘cookie’ policy

The confidentiality agreement regarding the personal data security policy covers the way in which your identifiable personal data is processed when using the Workforce website. In addition, the data of companies, whether our partners or not, using the Workforce website are also taken into consideration. This confidentiality agreement provides information on cookies, their use by third parties and their disabling.

General information collected by Workforce

When registering on the Workforce website, whether by creating an account, accessing different Workforce services and products, visiting specific services from the Workforce network or clicking certain promotional or advertising materials, Workforce will process personal data linked to an identifiable person. In some areas of its website, Workforce will require you to provide personal data, including your name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, credit card number, contact information, invoicing information for the Workforce services provided and other identification information. In other areas of its website, Workforce collects or can collect non-identifiable demographic information, such as: your postal code, age, sex, interests. We sometimes collect or can collect a combination of these two types of information. When creating an account on the Workforce website, you are required to enter your full name, e-mail address, date of birth, sex, profession, postal code, field of activity and personal interests.

When you create an account on our website and subscribe to our services, you are giving us access to your personal data. Workforce also receives and stores on its servers information on the IP address and cookies of the website searched by you. Workforce uses the information stored – details provided by you during registration and your activity on our website – for the purposes of facilitating your access to such website, improving certain products and services and notifying you on the latest products and services based on your interests.

Posting of personal data on Workforce public spaces/domains

The personal information posted by users on the Workforce public places/spaces, such as forums, chats, discussion lists, searchable CV databases, can be copied and stored by third parties who are not under Workforce control. We are not liable for the third-party use of information posted or made public by you on the Workforce public spaces.

Personal data collection and use by Workforce

We use the information collected from the Workforce website, regardless whether such information is personal, demographical, collective or technical data, for the purposes of managing your accounts, answering your questions, improving our website, consulting with our users in view of enhancing the quality of our products and services. When registering into your account, you consent to your personal data being used to notify you, by e-mail or other means of communication, on website updates, new opportunities offered by Workforce and on additional information of interest to you, as well as on newsletters containing useful information. Workforce uses your personal data in compliance with the applicable statutory regulations on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

Personal data disclosure and transfer

Workforce will not transfer (sell or lease) your personal data to third parties. However, we can transfer such data to third parties in the following cases:

  • If the transfer of such data is required in order to supply or provide the products and services requested by you;
  • With your prior consent;
  • If such data is required by the company’s partners to improve or facilitate certain services/products requested by you or if Workforce deems fit to deliver the business or advertising messages of one of its partners or major clients. The company’s partners are entitled to use the personal data provided directly by Workforce only to the extent that their assistance is required;
  • If your activities infringe the Workforce terms and conditions or the instructions for use of certain products and services;
  • If Workforce merges with or is fully or partially acquired by another company, the database is to be transferred to the new data controller. If Workforce becomes, voluntarily or involuntarily, insolvent, the database may be sold, authorized, traded by the liquidator, official receiver or buyer only with the approval of a court of law. Should one of the circumstances specified above occur, you will be notified by e-mail or by a notice posted on the Workforce website;
  • We may disclose your personal data to public authorities or institutions according to the legal provisions or in good faith if:
    (a) such disclosure is required under a statutory regulation;;
    (b) such disclosure protects the rights of the company or its affiliates;
    (c) such disclosure prevents a crime or protects national security;
    (d) such disclosure protects individual or public security;
    (e) such data is required for settling different issues.

Information regarding Resumes

Because Workforce is an online recruitment website, we offer you the opportunity to upload your Resume to our database. As such, here is some information you need to know before submitting your CV to

  1. You can upload/fill in your Resume to our database and this will make it visible/searchable to employers. This means that you can apply for jobs, and employers will have access to your CV in the database.
  2. Your Resume can be searchable by third parties, who have access to our database and who will also have access to your CV. If they choose to do so, they can unblock your contact information and you can be contacted by them. We try to limit access to our database only to employers, human resources companies, personnel managers, HR specialists and national security agencies/institutions; however, we do not guarantee that other third parties do not have access to our database. Workforce assumes no responsibility for the use of Resumes by third parties who accessed them while stored in our database.
  3. Please note that filling in all tabs we have provided to candidates within the Resume section (education, previous experience, languages etc) will increase your chances of being contacted by employers.
  4. If you already have an updated Resume, you can upload into our Workforce platform, which will automatically recognize your information.


Your right to modify and delete your data held by the data controller

Workforce grants users the right to modify their registered contact data, interests, including the updates on released products and services. Furthermore, you can ask the data controller to delete your data at any time.

Data security

For maintaining the confidentiality and security of your data, your Workforce account is secured by a password.


In order to provide seamless browsing on the Workforce website, we use an Internet browser option called ‘cookie’. Cookies are small files stored by the browser on the user’s hard-disk. These cookies are used to help the browser remember the username, passwords and preferences, to monitor website visited and to customize pages based on visitors, without storing personal data or granting access to your computer. You can set your browser to decline cookies; however, this will have a negative impact on your browsing experience.

Essential Cookies:

Some cookies used by us are essential for our website’s performance. These are used to keep the user logged in on our website and to remember relevant information about the user when revisiting our website and using our services.

Functionality cookies:

We also use a specific type of cookies to track user activity on our website, to understand their browsing preferences, so as to enhance their experience on our website.

Marketing cookies:

This third type of cookie is a third-party cookie which allows us to provide customized marketing information to our clients based on their website user profiles (cookies for users or remarketing lists).

(i) Google Analytics: allows us to understand how users interact with our website and helps us improve our website’s performance, accessibility and user experience.

(ii) Google AdWords: allows us to deliver information to users searching for our services, as well as customized content advertisements based on the user’s behavior in order to enhance browsing experience. The two cookies used to collect information are called:
Teracent – it uses “Dynamic Ad Serving”, whose confidentiality policy may be accessed here (English) and deactivate it here.
DoubleClick – collects information on behavior on the website (list of similar audience segments). You can disable it here or here.

Manage cookies: you can accept or decline cookies by accessing your browser’s settings menu. For more information, please visit the webpages below

Click here to learn more about the “Private Browsing” setting and cookie settings in Firefox.
Click here to read more about “Incognito” and cookie settings in Chrome.
Click here to find more about “InPrivate” and cookie settings in Internet Explorer.
Click here for more info about “Private Browsing” and cookie settings in Safari.

If you disable cookies in your browser, you can still browse our website, but you will no longer benefit from all features offered.


Workforce enables its users to send comments, questions and suggestions. Any information provided by means of the contact forms will be used by taking into account the right of individuals to privacy and personal portrayal. We welcome your opinion, so we deeply encourage you to send us your suggesstions and questions, and we will make sure to provide an answer as quick as possible!

Changes to the confidentiality policy

If we deem that the confidentiality policy requires changes, we will post these changes on in this website so as to notify you on the types of data collected by us and on their use.

If you have questions about our confidentiality policy, please contact us at


Thank you for using our services!

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