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Workforce Management  is certified according to the Quality Management Standard SR EN ISO 9001: 2015 by TÜV AUSTRIA, the famous certification company that is internationally recognized.

SR EN ISO 9001: 2015 represents the international standard that regulates the organization and management methods of a company’s activities. The standard also establishes the way a company performs and delivers its services, in accordance with the client’s requests, as well as the regulatory requests (laws, national and international legislation, regulations).

Quality Management

We promote the culture of quality, continuous innovation and excellence in delivering our services to our clients.

The quality of our services and client satisfaction represent the recipe for success, and in order to maintain our status on this competitive market, we make sure we are always connected to our clients at every step of our collaboration.

Quality at Workforce requires patience and consistency to select pure talent from thousands of candidates – we only shortlist those candidates that fulfill 100% our clients’ requirements. We also strive to always keep the communication with both, our partners and the candidates, as open and transparent as possible.

None of these aspects are random, and we make sure to deliver full, comprehensive solutions, always keeping in mind the standards according to which we operate and the best practices we swear by.

Workforce Management has elaborated and implemented the BUSINESS OPERATING MANUAL (also known as the Quality Manual) and its respective processes: the Communication, Evaluation of Customer Satisfaction and the Resolution of Customer Inquiries Procedures, The Planning, Monitoring of the Management System, Analysis and Improvement Procedures.

The most important instrument that measures the performance and improvement of our services is the Black&White Questionnaire, a poll document we have issued for our clients, with the purpose of quantifying the results of our services. The questionnaire will be filled in by our customers after the delivery of our services, and we hope that this will allow each individual client to elaborate on the advantages and disadvantages of working with us. We strongly encourage our customers to be as honest and open as possible in their answers and we welcome all opinions and recommendations.

ISO Certification

Workforce Management is certified according to the Quality Management Standard SR EN ISO 9001: 2015 by TÜV AUSTRIA, the famous certification company that is internationally recognized.

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